About LARA

We created the most realistic artificial intelligence

Through the diversity of our research and development team, and the variety of profiles of our collaborators, we have been able to create LARA : a multitasking  artificial intelligence whose single core, the LARA core, can be used in many variations and different fields of application.

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Predictive risks and investments
  • Emails management automation
  • Computer Vision
  • Legal tech
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Neural Processing
  • Language Processing
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What We Do

Our Featured Services

Our robust and intelligent automaton, LARA Core, selects the best ML algorithms for you, depending on the approach you select and the data to be processed – resulting in a diversity of its use.

Media Analytics and Intelligence

Mediametric and Mass Media data analysis for a contextualized adaptive and localization advertising

Contextual document analysis

Intelligent natural language processing for text analysis and contextualized words embeddings

Fraud Detection and Fraud Prevention

self-generated and automated AML/KYC using behavior analysis compliant with regulations

Cognitive Analytics

Predictive Insights in finance, law and healtcare

Smart Personal Assistant

LARA summarizes your mails (with attachments) and organizes your calendar for an incomparable Work-Life-Balance

Intelligent Robotic Processing Automation

SLA, SLO, SLI with anomaly detection and self-healing automation

Remote Security Operations Center

Autonomous management of a remote operations center with intelligent log-files analysis and fraud prediction

Business Intelligence

A better, faster and smarter way to make decisions and grow businesses

LARAs friends

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How it works

LARAs Working Process

Provides LARA with access to your data and data sources

  • PDFs, Word, Excel, CSV, etc.
  • Videos and audios
  • (Big-) SQL queries
  • Mails
  • URLs (social networks, news-papers, financial reports, etc.)

Tells LARA where and how to display the outcomes

  • LARA Dashboard
  • Tableau
  • QlikView
  • Quicksight
  • Power BI
  • etc.

Proposes to LARA your approach for the data processing

  • Recommandation
  • Classification
  • Anomaly detection
  • Prediction
  • Analysis
  • etc.

LARA meets all your expectations

  • Data analysis without Code
  • Statistics without Maths
  • ML without Algorithms
  • Dashboard without Web Design
  • and even more
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