LARA consolidates all your mail accounts into one, reads and summarizes your mails (and attachments), prioritizes, organizes and synchronizes your calenders, prepares your answers – all those for a better Work-Life-Balance.

LARA Mail (for example)

  • Accelerates your customer service and improves your customer relationship.
  • Reduces the time consumed for reading and answering mails.
  • Manages the mail flood.



LARA reads all your financial documents (balance sheets, business plans, bank statements). And with a combination of business analytics tools, LARA makes predictive financial insights.

LARA makes use of two integrated intelligent modules (a KYC/AML and a RPA), which accelerate the onboarding time, and therefore making LARA being one of the fastest RGPD-conform platform services in the market.

LARA Finance (for example)

  • Optimizes and grow your ROI (return on invest).
  • Reduces due dilligence costs.
  • Digitalizes and accelerates all the customers acquisition processes needed for financial products (Bank, Investment Fund, Insurance, Crowdfunding, etc.)

lara law3


LARA helps you find the best lawyer suitable to your case, analyses the juriprudence and allow you to make the best decision in your lawsuit.

LARA Law (for example)

  • Creates (smart-) contracts online
  • Makes predictive justice
  • Chooses the best lawyer
  • Makes class action lawsuit