LARA Core in Healthcare

Pre-anamnesis via Chatbot

Your health depends on the information your body sends you and how you react to it. Receive in a few minutes, via simple and important questions, a medical expertise concerning your symptoms.

LARA Core allows patients to:

  • Analyze symptoms and prevent diseases
  • Classify care urgency
  • Reduce waiting time in waiting rooms

and hospitals/medical houses to:

  • Improve the consultation time
  • Reduce waiting time in waiting rooms
  • Quickly refer patients to the appropriate departments
  • Enable health management

LARA Core in Transportation & Logistics

Targeted and predictive maintenance via video analysis

Anomaly detection on container ships, containers and containers semi-trailers at the ports (rail and sea) via real-time video analysis to target maintenance and reduce risks before their transfer.

LARA Core mades

  • Faster detection of damages on containers
  • Cost reduction with preventive care
  • A defect tracking system for cost relevant insurance services
  • An improvement of the risk analysis on goods transportation and logistics

LARA Core in Legal Tech

Risks analysis of the jurisprudence via contextualized document analysis

Contextual analysis of case law documents, calculation of risks and prediction of success of cases and their costs.

LARA Core can help you by:

  • Analyzing your law documents
  • Highlighting the contextual important paragraphs
  • Summarizing the documents
  • Increasing law cases analysis
  • Calculating law cases risks
  • Doing some prediction of success

LARA Core in Education

Supervision of online exams via realtime Eye-Tracking

Most likely used during the COVID-19, the supervision of remote online exams thanks to webcam and microphone monitoring, and real-time behavioral analysis through an eye-tracking and speech-recognition system.

LARA Core allows universities, colleges and schools to

  • Faster und fully adapt to the government measures to COVID-19
  • Supervise remote online exams without physical supervision
  • Quickly publish exam results


LARA Core in Manufacturing

Anomaly detection of components via real-time 3D video analysis

Instantaneous sorting of damaged components prior to final assembly on a production line via real-time 3D video analysis.

LARA Core lets you:

  • Detect components damages
  • Increase the quality of End-Products
  • Reduce customer support
  • Increase Endusers satisfaction